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  2. ShadowPS staff rank info Owner These individuals are fairly busy dealing with large-scale issues, doing everything they can to make the server enjoy able for the players. Developer Developers dealing with server/client related stuff and makes sure players enjoy the server, Also handle suggestions and bugs. Staff Manager Manages the Administrative staff team and picks out new staff members. and will also do everything as the ranks below do. Communtiy manager Dealing with the community and also dealing event rewards/make events. and will also do everything as the ranks below do. Donation manager Dealing with the Donations and also dealing with refunds helping players if there is any donation issue and also makes deals. and will also do everything as the ranks below do. Forum Administrator Their main job is to monitor and guide the Forum Moderator. As a staff member, you can go to these individuals for advice and help. And they will help you with any type of forums issue. Server Administrator Their main job is to monitor and guide the Server Moderator and Server Helpers. As a staff member, you can go to these individuals for advice and help. Handles, Bug abusers and large scale punishments. Forum Moderator They make sure the rules are being followed at all time. And they will also make guides if there is any missed guides (doesnt have to make one). Server Moderator They make sure the rules are being followed at all times and should someone break the rules, hand out warnings/punishments. Server Helper These individuals are there to assist you by answering any questions you might have. They will help you to the best of their abilities and if they can't then they will get you in contact with someone who can.
  3. Danne

    Server Rules

    Server Rules -Auto-clicking No autoclikers or any kind of 3rd party clients are allowed. -No Flaming Profanity is aloud, as long as it’s not used to purposely target somebody in an argument. So no discrimination of any kind will be tolerated. This goes for race, religion, etc. -Multi-logging You can NOT have 2 accounts logged in and killing the same boss or in MiniGames on both accounts. But having 2 accounts logged in and at different places is ACCEPTABLE. -Real World Trading NO RUGAL GP IS TO BE SOLD/BOUGHT FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN BUYING IN GAME DONATIONS! -Staff Impersonation Do not attempt to impersonate or pretend to be a staff member of ShadowPS. -Begging Begging for items, lends, hooks, etc. is NOT tolerated. -Bug Abusing If you find any bugs around the game, please report them, do not abuse them. If it’s something game-breaking PM a Mod+. -Advertising No advertisement of any sort will be tolerated in game or on Discord. -Gambling Do NOT gamble without a Staff Middleman (they are not obliged to). Duels are FINAL so be sure whatever items are being staked are in the Stake screen and not a word of mouth from one player to another agreeing on items. - AFKING With the additions of the AOE zones, don't abuse it by afking. If you are caught afking, items may be removed from your account. AFKing in instances is not allowed either. - Giveaways No Giveaways without Admin+ approval.
  4. Staff application format. Copy it, fill it & send it. Discord Name: In Game Name: Name: Age: Timezone: Tell us something about yourself: Why would you like to join staff team?: Why you should to be selected to staff team?: What qualities could you offer to the staff team?: What makes you different from others?: How many hours can you put into Rugal weekly? Have you ever been punished before? if yes, what for?:
  5. Danne

    Forum Rules

    Forums Rules The following rules apply everywhere on our site unless explicitly mentioned otherwise in a forum specific rule. Please note that this is a PG-13 rated site and therefore, is meant to be suitable for all ages, including members less than 13 years old with parental guidance/permission. You are responsible for being aware of the rules. If you are punished, it is under the assumption you have read and agreed to these rules. It's not an excuse to say 'I didn't know that was a rule'. These rules are subject to change without notice, and these rules pertain to the site and the forums. 1. General Spamming Posts that do not contribute to the thread is considered off topic / irrelevant to the subject of the thread are defined as Spamming. One Word Posting (OWP), Flaming, and Back Seat Moderation all fall under this rule. 1a. One Word Posting (OWP) Posts that consist of a single word ("support, lol, thanks, cool, etc.") will be considered spamming on the forums. Emoticons and pictures do not count as words. (If a Moderator deems the emoticon/picture to be irrelevant to the discussion at hand, he/she may delete it deemed so as it may be seen as spam). 1b. Flaming Overly insulting a member of the ShadowPS Community, or repeatedly conducting yourself in a manner that ruins the overall enjoyment of a member of our Community is absolutely unacceptable. Player infractions and bans for flaming WILL BE handled at Moderator digression. 2. Inappropriate Language / Inappropriate Material 2a. Inappropriate Language Is defined as communication directed to a single member or group of people used to defame their reputation, character; or race through topics, posts, PMs, avatar, signatures and forum usernames. This includes excessive swearing, insulting due to gender, religious beliefs, age, etc. 2b. Inappropriate Material Is defined as the posting of any forms of nudity, text or images that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, overly violent, threatening, racist, sexist, discriminatory. The ShadowPS Forum Staff Team WILL NOT tolerate these actions and will be enforced at all times at Moderator digression, should these discussion, photos, videos, avatars, signatures, or usernames appear on the ShadowPS Forums. 3c. Harassment Is defined as continually pressuring a member of our community while creating an unpleasant or hostile environment for that player. Harassment can be both verbal and non verbal in forms of communication and neither will be tolerated. If you are asked to stop please just stop, if not the ShadowPS Team will step in to eliminate the situation as it ruins the safety and enjoyment of our Community while they are a member of our Forums. 3. Misleading or Malicious Links Posting a hyperlink to a malicious site while claiming the link leads elsewhere will immediately result in your account being permanently suspended without warning, and future appeals towards this ban will be automatically declined. The ShadowPS Staff Team is dedicated to the safety and enjoyment of the Community while they browse our Forum. 4. Evading Suspensions, Bans and IP-Ban Those who evade their suspensions, bans and IP-Bans to cause more problems will receive an extended form of punishment than the one you're evading. You are allowed to create another account on the forums to appeal, but do not attempt to cause more problems than you already have prior. 5. Advertisement Advertisement on the forums is an automatic account & IP Ban. However, the following are exempt from this rule: Advertising OPEN/ACTIVE servers is strictly forbidden and will result in your account being permanent deactivated. NOTE: Talking about closed servers for the sake of nostalgia/catching up with old friends is allowed on the forums.
  6. Regular Donator 10$ Donation Claimed In-Game 5% drop rate Access to ::dzone Accessibility to ::yell chat Regular Donator Icon In-game (Will have To request it for Forum and Discord rank) ::setyelltitle (title) - This Command allows you to have a custom title for your yells (to Reset it, set the title to "null". The color is based off your rank.) Donator Zone Druid npc store for extremes overloads Altar that boost your stats Dark Beast Portal Rune Armor Stall (thieving) Frost Dragon Teleport Rocktail Barrel x3 King Imps Super Donator 50$ Donation claimed In-game Includes all of the above benefits plus: 10% Drop Rate Access to ::bank command Access to ::szone Super donator spiders (Pvm Box and Elite Bones) and Shukarhazh Boss (Drops $5 scroll) Access to ::hex command Access to use ::setyellhex (Hex code here) Access to use ::setyelltitle (max of 6 letters) Super Donator Icon In-game (Will have To request it for Forum and Discord rank) Super Donator Zone Extreme Donator 250$ claimed in-game Includes all of the above benefits plus: 15% droprate Acess to Swoodowoodo Monsters ::ezone (Not Finished) Extreme Donator Zone Extreme Donator Icon In-game (Will have To request it for Forum and Discord rank) Access to Gambling (100% safe) Sponsor Donator 1000$ claimed in-game Includes all of the above benefits plus: 20% droprate (no zones at the moment)
  7. Danne

    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
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